moderated Re: Comparing 2 word documents

Jason White

The option described in this article may be what you need.

I haven’t tried it, but if you can combine the two versions of the document into a single document with change tracking, you can then make decisions about the changes in the usual manner – using the JAWS features for dealing with tracked changes.


From: <> On Behalf Of Phillip Gross
Sent: Sunday, 4 April 2021 2:53
Subject: Comparing 2 word documents


I need to compare 2 documents for differences. I am grading one of the Word documents against the other one. These are not short documents. They are approximately 45 pages long.

I know how to proof read, and I have my own speech settings for it that work well for me. However, in this case I will be comparing 2 different documents. The only thing I can think to do is turn on my proof reading settings and go back and fourth through the documents one line at a time. Does anyone have any better ideas?

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