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Bill White

Hi, Dani. This is a known issue stemming from the fact that you are probably using the $90 per year license, rather than the $160 SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) that was so popular for years. There is something about these $90 per year licenses that is causing them to load incompletely as you said. The only way around it is to unload JAWS and immediately reload JAWS. This will also happen if you reboot or restart your computer.

Bill White

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Hi, Guys.
It looks like something isn't loading all the way. I had to uninstall
JFW2021 and reload it in order to see the full menu. I rechecked the
box for JFW to run in the sys tray.

When I sign in and things initially load, the JFW icon doesn't show up
in the system tray. I have to reload the program for the icon to show
up. I think it was a fluke that I figured that out.

I'm now trying to get my BrailleEdge to work with this version. I
installed the drivers but am not getting it to connect via USB.
Restarting the program, and restarting the system, does nothing.



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