Re: using the numpad keys

Soronel Haetir

With jaws why not just use the jaws cursor which simulates mouse
movements? It's way more convenient than windows' mouse keys bit,
which from the sound of it is what you are thinking.

You switch to the jaws cursor with the numpad - key (back to pc cursor
with numpad +), and then you can just use the arrow keys to move
around, and the numpad/ for a left mouse click and numpad * for a
right mouse click.

There are also keys for much smaller movements than the raw arrows
provide but I forget what they are, take a look at the jaws help for

On 3/29/12, Curt Taubert <> wrote:
Hi all, I'm using jfw 11 and, windows vista. Is there a way to use keys
instead of the mouse? I remember on my xp computer my Dad was able to set
it up to where instead of the mouse, I was able to use the numpad to move
the mouse.

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