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Thanks for posting this Gary, I hadn't looked at one note since 2007 and I couldn't find any instructions. I will take another look at it.

Tom Bisset

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If you do a Google search for

"OneNote 2010 From The Keyboard"

you will find a free book in PDF format that explains how to use OneNote
with assistive technology. I just read through part of the book, enough to
figure out that I didn't really need OneNote. It seems to be primarily
designed for students who need to take lecture notes. My student days are
long over.

The book explains the structure of the program and gives shortcuts for
navigation. OneNote should be accessible with both JAWS and Window Eyes.

Gary King
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From doing some googling it looks like onenote is not compatible with JAWS
or with any screenreader. Does anyone have an alternative to onenote they
could recommend that is screenreader friendly?


Howard Kramer

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