moderated JAWS 2020 - Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Prohect Crash #jaws #fusion

Tim Dixon


For a few months now, I have been having issues with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project crashing if I have Fusion 2020 running.

- Fusion 2020 - up to date
- Microsoft Office 365 - current semi annual update.

I can use teams for chat's and calls without issues. But as soon as I open tasks, OneNote, Word/Excel or Powerpoint file in teams (doesn't happen if I remeember to right click an open in app). Teams creashes and reloads.

If I quit Fusion, the system works fine.

I have recently started with Microsoft Project (latest version) and I have the same issue. If I open Project with Fusion open, it will crash and restart. As soon as I close Fusion, is works perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas why?

Kind Regards

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