moderated Re: Webmail and buttons not reading for different versions of jaws

Udo Egner-Walter


the first thing I would check is to deactivating settings by using the alternate user mode. In German keyboard layout the hot key is JAWS+Space, then pressing Z. This turns this mode on. To turn the mode of press the same hot key again. Perhaps in English keyboard layout there's another hot key, I don't know this. This sets the settings to default values so you can find out if a setting causes this problem. 

Good luck

Am 01.04.2021 um 22:27 schrieb Rayn Darren <rayndarren@...>:

Hi all,
I did an accessibility test on the webmail client RoundCube and found something quite interesting. To my knowledge RoundCube is up to date; I’m running all the latest versions of Jaws, MS Edge and Windows. I’m able to see all the buttons on the page and when I list links I get all of my email messages. My testing partner is running jaws 2020.2012 and the latest versions of Windows and Edge, he cannot see the buttons, jaws only reports “button”. Our jaws graphic settings are set the same, to “labeled graphics”.  
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you,
Sarah Hale
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