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Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonboy13@...>

It kind of sounds like a complicated version of Dropbox.
I've never heard of it before.

Brandon Keith Biggs

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Good question, it is a microsoft note organizer type program. Not sure how else to describe it. It is part of microsoft's productivity tools. It integrates with other tools like MS communicator, outlook. You can store and organize all kinds of microsoft file types like word and excell. You can share with your colleagues. Kind of cool but Its is really inaccessable.
I can't think of a replacement.
Tom Bisset
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What is onenote?

Dave Carlson
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From doing some googling it looks like onenote is not compatible with JAWS
or with any screenreader. Does anyone have an alternative to onenote they
could recommend that is screenreader friendly?


Howard Kramer

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