moderated Re: Accessible investment firm

Kane Brolin

Thank you, Paul, for your keen insights on Vanguard. Even though they
compete against me professionally, I've always respected Vanguard as a
solid company that tries to treat their clients right. They made a
big deal of keeping expenses low long before most other investment
firms were even thinking about it. I'm glad to know Vanguard executed
their customer-centered focus by putting in practice a learned
approach to accessibility.

OK, first some truth in advertising; I am in the financial planning
and money management business. So I have tech preferences and
regulations for what I do that retail investors do not have. Over the
last few years, I have used in my business a tech platform called
Wealthscape which is very serviceable for trading investments and
moving cash. I don't think those outside the industry would have
access to the Wealthscape brand, but my point is that it is developed
by Fidelity. So to some extent I use Fidelity-branded securities
trading platforms on a daily basis and have found this one to be
fairly accessible. It's not perfect, but functionality has gotten
appreciably better with JAWS 2021 and Windows 10.

My other positive Fidelity experience came 10-15 years ago, when two
different clients allowed me to serve as a third-party agent so I had
the authority to adjust their 401(k) plan, which Fidelity had official
custody of. I had no problem reallocating mutual fund positions, or
even buying stocks, on my clients' behalf using the Fidelity platform,
even though Fidelity was not native to any other part of my day-to-day
work. My point is that it felt very natural to use that particular
version of Fidelity's retail platform back in the 2005-2010 period, as
it took me no time at all to train myself on where to find things on
the screen, etc.

Take my observations for what they are worth. I have no idea how good
the Fidelity interface is in 2021 re accessibility.

I will follow this thread with great interest.

Kind regards,


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