moderated Re: Using Outlook and the people app with Gmail vs. Win 10 mail


If you prefer to stick with Outlook, and there may be very good reasons to do so, then consider using a third party contacts/calendar sync function between Outlook and Google.  I've used GO Contact Sync Mod for years, and it works perfectly.  I cannot speak to accessibility during installation or if you want to look at the logs, as I installed this ages and ages ago and I have never needed to deal with their logs, as it just works.

It's also still under support, with the last update being on March 23, 2021.

Unless something has changed, the People App does not sync with Google Contacts.  I used the "go through" method to sync the contacts I had then over to the People App.  And I despise the Win10 Mail App, so all of that was more to see how it could be done rather than with any intention of using the Win10 trinity of Mail, Calendar, and People apps.

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