moderated Using Outlook and the people app with Gmail vs. Win 10 mail

Jim Weiss

Forgive me if this horse has been beaten to death, but I have searched the archive and have done endless Google searches and still have questions.
I am running Windows 10 Home version 20H2 build 19042.287 and Office 365 that is currently up to date and JAWS 2021 (fully patched).  Also I have been a Mac user since 2012 and a lot has changed since I used Windows all of the time up till 2012.
The email account I use for work is a Gmail account.  For this thread I am only concerned about email and contacts.  As I have read there is no direct sync between Outlook contacts and Google contacts.  I also see that I can sync my Google contacts with the people app, but there is no integration between people and Outlook.  I am trying to not maintain two separate contact databases for obvious reasons, and I don't want to put my contact database into a system that isn't easily recovered.  Meaning if I have to uninstall Office and reinstall it I loose my database. (Please don't start a discussion on backups and the such.)
It also appears that Windows Mail does sync directly with Google contacts (and calendar) unless I am misreading things on Google.  I have not personally attempted to add this Gmail account to Windows Mail.
Since I only care about email and contacts should I abandon Outlook and pursue the Windows 10 Mail app?  Does Mail sync contacts with Google or does it integrate with the people app?  I don't care if the people app is part of the equation, my goal is to have one contact database that lives in the cloud.
Am I missing something very obvious in Outlook?  This integration works beautifully on the Mac and it leaves me scratching my head that it just doesn't seem to be there in Windows.
I have found third party apps (syncgene) to complete this task, but it seems that I need to create an account and I am really not trying to add any more complications to this mix.
If I sync Google with people, can I use those contacts in Outlook?  What I have read is "No".
Does Windows 10 Mail sync with Google contacts?  (I am fine if it integrates with the people app).
Thanks in advance,

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