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Unless you do video or audio production you don't need to worry about this. Windows will check the disk once a month unless you change the schedule. As for SSD's: You don't need to do anything special. They have what is called trim. This is the SSD equivalent of defrag. It is all done automatically. Also unless you do professional audio/video production modern SSD's will take longer to die from writes than most computers will last. I have some ssd's that are going on 10 years now. Now if you do do audio/video production the time savings of SSD's will outway any potential longivity of SSDs. As for moving your swap file to a mechanical drive. This totally defeats the benefits of having an SSD. your swap file is a extension of your RAM and needs to be as fast as possible to get decent performance from your computer. Granted RAM is so cheap now that swap files are seldom needed but when it is you don't want it on a slow mechanical hard drive.

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Windows 10 does do some automatic defragging. How much, when, and so on, I’m not exactly sure. however I have had this computer since 2017 and never needed to run the utility manually on any of my hdds (they all show 100% not fragmented).

And yes, as has been said, don’t defrag an SSD. Not even sure that Windows 10 native defragger will *let* you do that, though some third party utilities might…just don’t do it.


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You will always want to do a disk cleanup first, then do a defrag.

The disk cleanup will make space that the defrag will write data onto to make a tighter usage of the disk.


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Does windows ten, have a utility built into it that will automatically do both a disk defrag, and a disk cleanup on a weekly schedule, or do you have too do it yourself?  If not, which one do you have too do first.  In other words, should I do a disk  defrag first, and then do a disk cleanup second 


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Al   ? Which one comes first.    

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