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I do not know about keeping the cursor from moving.  I don’t think I’ve experienced that unless I closed the message.


As for having it not turn into table mode, my guess is it could have been a table but Jaws wasn’t indicating that when you were reading.

Tables only show up in HTML format I think.

I guess you could set Outlook to compose in plain text; something I personally do not like because links and such can get more easily messed up.






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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 6:03 AM
Subject: cursor moves back to top of email



I’m using most recent versions of Windows10, Outlook2016 and Jaws2021. I will be reading an email and then for some reason I need to flip to another window. When I come back to the open email my cursor is at the top of the email. In the past I use to press control R to act like I’m replying to it. I then move down to the original email and my cursor will remain in that particular spot when I flip to another window and come back. Yet in a particular email the text in the original email turns into a table. First of all is there a way I can setup Jaws so the cursor doesn’t move up to the top when I leave the open email going to a different window? Or if I do a reply the original email doesn’t turn into table format?



When I’m in an email and

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