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Yeah, I only reboot mine when it starts stumbling from being on too long, like after a couple months.
I think the same is true for mechanical drives, constant rebooting, with the spinning up and down is hard on them.
I've never had a mechanical HDD die on me, and I never turn them off.
On one of my laptops, I put in a SATA disk drive adapter, and it holds two CF cards.
So that laptop has 64 GB of SSD, using the two CF cards inside.
If I can find some 64 GB CF cards at a decent price, I may swap them out with the 32 GB CF cards.
I may see if I can get an adapter that takes USB drives, I have a couple 128 GB USB thumb drives.
The nice thing about a desktop system is that you can make your own hybrid system.
You can get a relatively small SSD for installing programs and you really wouldn't need more than 32 GB, and you can have a mechanical drive inside as well for your downloads and documents folders, and perhaps your swap file too.

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That’s also what my computer guy said, to never ever defragment an SSD but to leave the computer on at all times.

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Hi, Albert. As far as I know, these maintenance procedures must be done manually, unless you schedule them through the task scheduler. If it were me, I would do the disk cleanup, which would delete any unneeded files before defragging. This would result in a tighter defrag. I have also heard that it is unnecessary, and sometimes detrimental to perform a defrag on a SSD drive.

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Good afternoon everyone, 

Does windows ten, have a utility built into it that will automatically do both a disk defrag, and a disk cleanup on a weekly schedule, or do you have too do it yourself?  If not, which one do you have too do first.  In other words, should I do a disk  defrag first, and then do a disk cleanup second 

Thanks in advance, 

Al   ? Which one comes first.    

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