moderated Re: probilim with jaws 2021


Amir, do you hear any sound at all, such as when Windows starts up? if not, the sound card may simply be muted.

to unmute:

press Windows+r, type sndvol and press enter.
press tab, home key, and page down twice.
press tab again and press spacebar.
JAWS should start speaking if the sound card had been muted.

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From: Amir Shah []
To: <>
Date: Monday, March 29, 2021, 3:25 PM
Subject: probilim with jaws 2021
Hi my name is amir shah, and I am using Jaws 2021 on  window 10
computer. The reason for my email is when I start my computer jaws don’t
 start automatically. When I go and start narrator it don’t start. I
think     something is wrong with the sound card. How do you fix it any
solution on it.

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