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Rebecca Ilniski

Hi Milton. I do get the UAC and hit alt y for yes. I hit space to say I agree with the license agreement and hit enter. I wait for it to install and then it says The Jaws Install has failed. 

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On Mar 28, 2021, at 7:47 PM, Milton Ota <mota1252@...> wrote:

Are you getting prompt by the UAC which is the user Access Control? If so, you need to use the keystroke alt + Y to allow access to be installed.


If that is not the case, would you like me to tandem into your computer to see what is going on?


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Hi everyone.  I’m running Jaws 2021 and am trying to install the latest version of Jaws which is the one that came out in February of this year.  I tried updating it and it says The Jaws install has failed.  I tried repairing Jaws and that has failed.  I even went up on the site to redownload the latest version and still the same message about the Jaws install failing.  Any ideas as to how I can get this latest version to install correctly?  Thank you.


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