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There are no headings in excel nor can you navigate by first letter navigation.

Idf  you want to go to the end of data in a column you can press the "End" key followed by "Down Arrow". For example, if you had data in column A and in rows 1 through 50 and let's say you are in row 1. If you press End followed by Down Arrow you would instantly jump to the last row where there is data, e.g. Row 50. If you have data in row 1 through 50 and then you have a blank row and you again have data in rows 52 through 100, pressing End + Down Arrow in any row between 1 and 49 will take you to row 50, the last row which has anything in it. You can then down arrow to row 51 which is blank, down arrow again to row 52 which is the first row of the next block of data and if you then press Ent + Down arrow you land in row 100 which is the last row with data in that section.

The same applies to going left to right, if you have data in Row 1 and columns A through J and you are in column A you can press End + Right Arrow and you jump to Column J which is the last column with data.


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Hello Everyone:


If I have data in a column, is there a way to quickly navigate with first letter navigation or can I use a heading marker similar to using headings in Microsoft Word to jump from one section to another without needing to have blank cells in the column?  Hope my question makes sense.


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