moderated Re: PDF files open in MS Edge


Thanks, Bill, I too will find this really useful.




From: <> On Behalf Of Bill White
Sent: 26 March 2021 22:53
Subject: Re: PDF files open in MS Edge


Hi, Kevin. Yes, there is.


1. Find a pdf file on your computer.

2. With the file highlighted or selected, press ALT plus ENTER to open properties.

3. Press ENTER on the Change button in properties.

4. Choose Adobe Reader from the choices.

5. Press ENTER on Apply, and again on OK.


Now pdf's should open in Adobe reader.


Bill White




From: [] On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: March 26, 2021 3:47 PM
Subject: PDF files open in MS Edge


Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10 and Jaws2021. Since the last update to Windows all PDF files I open occurs in MS Edge. Is there a way to setup so the PDF files open in Acrobat reader?






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