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kevin meyers

I uninstalled Jaws2021 and reinstalled it and the crashes still occur. FS provided me with scripts that update the registry to capture the crashes. I then use FS support to email FS the files. EVerytime one occurs I send them an email. I want them to see this is a problem.


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Jaws has a talking installer which is what kicks in if you uninstall it. I Have never found a problem with uninstalling Jaws while Jaws was running, but of course turning it off and starting Narrator is a very valid way to also do this.


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Why would you need to uninstall Jaws while it is running.  You can turn  on narrator and uninstall Jaws.





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I did two times on different days.


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Have you tried a JAWS repair?


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I sent out an email last week about Jaws2021 constantly crashing. I called tech support, they tried a few things and then said I need to email tech support. I sent an email and got the reply “call 727-803-8600 as there are to many variables. I sent back an email saying I already talk to live support and they told me to email support. Okay now what? Is it possible to uninstall Jaws while it is running and then reinstall it? Anything else I might want to try? Sounds like tech support doesn’t want to do anything.




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