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Bill White

Hi, Brian. My version of Outlook is 2010. What I see no setting for is to change the numeric month value to a name value, even if the format is changed from compact to single line view.


Bill White




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On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 01:13 PM, Richard Turner wrote:

I’m pretty sure that Outlook is just pulling the info from the regional format settings….

That's my presumption, too.  But I still want to know where in Outlook (and what version, for that matter) we're talking about.  

I see Bill has provided the where, so I need to fire up Outlook 2016 (which is all I have, but it's the base code for 2019 and 365, so it should do) to see what deep, dark setting in Outlook is used to decide what to snag.

One can change the short date format to something like:  25-March-2021.  If it is snagging from short date, and that would be adequate, I'd actually try tweaking the short date format via its combo box first (see my previous message for location in Settings).

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