moderated Re: jaws2020 how to save password in chrome and firefox browser ?


The first question is:  Do you have the Save Passwords feature turned on in either one of these browsers?   It's got to be turned on before the option to do so will ever be presented to you.  [By the way, I advise against, but that's your call.]

Firefox:  ALT+T,O [Tools Menu, Options Item]
In Options navigate to the Privacy & Security Tab/Category
In that tab, navigate to the checkbox for Ask to save logins & passwords for websites and make sure it's on.  If not, check it.
Be sure to check the states of the three "sub" checkboxes under this once it's on to be certain that the choices related to logins & passwords are as you'd like them.

Chrome (or pretty much any Chromium-based browser, e.g., Brave, Vivaldi, new Edge):  ALT+F,S [Browser Menu Button, Settings Item]
Navigate to, or search for, the Passwords item under the Autofill section and activate that control.
The first item in the Passwords Pane/Tab is the toggle for Offer to save passwords.  Make sure it's toggled on.
I would also suggest looking at all the other controls in that pane so that what you think will be done with regard to passwords is exactly what you want done.

Once the password or login/password function is active, you should be presented with a pop-up dialog when you go to a previously unvisited (and if nothing's been saved, even previously visited sites are considered unvisited as far as this function goes) sites in relation to saving your password or login/password information.

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