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You are exactly right Richard.  Cheers!

On 26/3/2021 9:32 am, Richard Turner wrote:

Are we talking about Shostakovich, the composer? 


If so, the name was misspelled from the beginning.


Eloquence mispronounces it terribly, while Vocalizer Expressive does a fine job.


Eloquence says something like sha stack  a kov vich


But if it is spelled like this, Eloquence gets it pretty close:







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Hi David,


I just put the name, Shostakovic, into my JDF exactly the way you did along with the replacement, and I then placed a question mark, colon, exclamation mark, a period, a comma and a semicolon after the name and they all read the same.  See below;















Are you putting a space at the beginning or at the end of the name in either the actual or replacement field?  if so, do not!

Also, these are my other settings, Applies to language, All Languages, Speak replacement word using language, Default, and the case sensitive is not checked.

When you exit are you saving your changes?  When I close I use the, Control + S, keystroke then I press, Alt + F4.




Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Subject: Jaws Dictionary annoyance


There is a constant dictionary annoyance  which I find with Jaws.

So for example Eloquence on Jaws  will mis-pronounce a name like Shostakovic. I amended this in my Jaws dictionary tonight to Shosta co vic to make it approximate to something like the correct pronunciation


However in practice this is not enough, because if Shostakovic is followed by a full stop. A comma, a colon then the    amended pronunciation will not work for me. This means that for every word I want to put in the Jaws dictionary has to be entered at least 4 time.

The first time without any punctuation, the next 3 times with a full stop, a comma, and a colon.

Depending on what I am trying to read I sometimes have to add the word 6  times to the dictionary because you have to also include version of the word with a question mark and exclamation mark and so on.

I assume that there is nothing I can do to avoid this annoyance at this time but surely it is not too great a coding challenge for VFO to make the Jaws pronunciation dictionary just a little more intelligent and smart and less dumb?


David Griffith





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