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Glenn / Lenny

Good point.
David, which synth do you use?
Also, maybe it is your punctuation level settings that might be the issue.
I use Eloquence, and I use the default settings for punctuation, and I
haven't had to deal with the issues you have.

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This really isn't an issue that VFO can address, these decisions are
made deep in the synthesizer logic. The only thing the dictionary does
is that when certain text is encountered specified other text is fed
to the synthesizer in its place.

Trying to broaden that so that the program replaces near-miss text
with the dictionary entry would be fraught with error.

On 3/25/21, David Griffith <> wrote:
There is a constant dictionary annoyance which I find with Jaws.

So for example Eloquence on Jaws will mis-pronounce a name like
Shostakovic. I amended this in my Jaws dictionary tonight to Shosta co vic
to make it approximate to something like the correct pronunciation


However in practice this is not enough, because if Shostakovic is followed
by a full stop. A comma, a colon then the amended pronunciation will not
work for me. This means that for every word I want to put in the Jaws
dictionary has to be entered at least 4 time.

The first time without any punctuation, the next 3 times with a full stop,
comma, and a colon.

Depending on what I am trying to read I sometimes have to add the word 6
times to the dictionary because you have to also include version of the
with a question mark and exclamation mark and so on.

I assume that there is nothing I can do to avoid this annoyance at this
but surely it is not too great a coding challenge for VFO to make the Jaws
pronunciation dictionary just a little more intelligent and smart and less

David Griffith


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