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Something to try is to take the calc.exe and any other associated calc files in c:\windows\ from a windows 7 system and see if they work in windows 10.
I used to do this with some programs that Microsoft stopped including.
I just put the calc.exe from my windows 7 into my open drive, and if anyone wants to try it on windows 10, here's a link:
I didn't find any associated calc files in c:\windows, so maybe it will work as is.

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I realize this does not answer your question, but it does present another option should you prefer it.  I am not a huge fan of the Win10 calculator app, preferring the more "old-school" calculator.  I archived the installer for Microsoft Calculator Plus on my Google Drive quite a while back.

It's another option, and it neither removes nor replaces the Win10 Calculator App when installed.  It's what I keep on my taskbar as the calculator of choice.

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