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Pasting below a mail regarding scrips for Whatzapp Web which I received from another list. The scrips work with JAWS.

Hello everyone! in this article  I will  speak a little about accessibility and usability, specificly on Whatsapp Web, and sharing a script, users of screen
reader, can work on   Whatsapp by the computer with more autonomy, practicality and confidence.

The informations about the script and its installation are bellow: :

To use the scripts, it is necessary to have the extension Tampermonkey for your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge ou Safari).
After that, just access the script, which will be recognized by Tampermonkey, and click on install.


After installing the script for Whatsapp Web, WhatsappWebWithMoreAccessibility, when accessing the app, you must wait for the application to load and then
use the shortcut ALT + S. If the script is deactivated, the message: Script activated successfully will be displayed; if the script is already activated,
an alert will be given with the message Script disabled. When you deactivate it, all elements and shortcuts created by it will be removed, except the activation
and deactivation shortcut.

Added elements and labels

With WhatsappWebWithMoreAccessibility enabled, the following modifications will be applied:
• Before the panel with the chat list there will be a level 1 header H1 to facilitate navigation via the screen reader, by pressing the 'h' key or the
number '1' in the navigation mode;
• After opening a chat, at the beginning of the contact / group area there will be a level 2 H2
header, with the label "Active chat + CONTACT / GROUP NAME", which can be accessed by pressing the 'h' key or number 2 in browse mode;
• The emogi buttons will be labeled above the message writing field in the footer;
• After the message writing field, there will be a button with the label "Record voice message" if the text field is clear, or "Send text message" if it
is filled;
• When you click on the "Record Voice Message" button, a "Cancel recording" button, the recording time and another button with the label "Send voice message"
will appear below the message field;

Shortcut keys

After enabling WhatsappWebWithMoreAccessibility, the following shortcut keys are available:
• ALT + a: focus on the options for choosing the type of attachment to be sent in the active chat;
• ALT + B: focus on the search field and label it as "Search chat and contacts ...";
• ALT + C: focus on the chat list;
• ALT + E: puts the focus on the message writing field and labels it "Write a message (name of the active chat)";
• ALT + L: opens an options box to select the language of the script (Portuguese, English or Spanish), after pressing the 'enter' key in the desired option,
the script messages will be in that language;
• ALT + M: puts the focus on the message list of the active chat;
• ALT + S: activate and deactivate the script;
• ALT + T: speak the title of the active chat.
NOTE: sometimes NVDA does not go into focus mode automatically when using shortcuts, so you may need to put it in focus mode with the shortcut NVDA + space
bar. Other keys can be configured as the NVDA key, but by default it is 'Insert'.

Links bellow:

TamperMonkey for  Google Chrome:

TamperMonkey for  Mozilla Firefox:

TamperMonkey for  Microsoft Edge:,

TamperMonkey for Opera:,

Script WhatsappWebWithMoreAccessibility:

Mr. Sameer Latey

On 25-03-2021 05:43 pm, Klaus Vielhauer wrote:

I have "whatsapp web" on my windows PC installed.

Although this is a official windows program Most of the tasks seem not accessable with Jaws and some of the buttons are not labelled.

Are there any shortcut keys?

I was able to compose a message but So far I was not able to access the send button.

Reaching received messages is also a real challenge - at least for me.

Any help is appreciated.


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