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Bill White

I very rarely use the migration feature of JAWS, because, when I have done so in the past, I have experienced this same corruption of the JAWS configuration files. This time it's the calculator that was corrupted, but it could be others as well. If I would like my JAWS to work as expected, I have found it better just to skip the migration, and to customize my settings manually. What I have done is to write a file containing all the changes I make to JAWS settings, so I don't forget to change something when the JAWS version changes.


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I had this issue and it was caused by a corrupt migration of settings from JAWS 2020 to JAWS 2021. Here are the steps to fix the problem from FS support.

1. Go to JAWS Insert + J
2. Go to the Utilities option
3. Right arrow to expand.
4. Down arrow to Explore Utilities folder and press Enter.
5. Down arrow to Explore My Settings and press Enter
6.Press Insert + T you should hear Enu.
7. If this is true then do Ctrl + A to select all.
8. Press Delete then Enter
9. Close JAWS and Relaunch JAWS.
10. After relaunching JAWS when asked if you want to migrate user settings tab to no and press Enter.
11. Let us know if you  still have problems.
I think what is happening is we are migrating corruption and this will allow us to start over with default settings.


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Subject: Windows 10 calculator refuse to display the answer


hi all, I hope y'all have a nice day. i'm sending this email just want to ask y'all a question. Recently I experienced a problem windows 10 calculator. Everytime when I use it, it refuse to display the answers via Braille and speech output.  I don't know if y'all had  experienced this issue before. I'm using the latest update of Jaws 2021 Screenreader.  

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