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Yes, it looks to be a great answer to the bloated Win 10 calculator and yes, alt+v and you have all kinds of options.

And, if you want to do conversions, it is quite easy to switch to that and use if from to fields.

I’d forgotten about this little gem.

Thanks for sharing it.

I remember it from the olden days, (grin).






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            It has been so long since I actually ran the installer that I have no idea what its default choices are.  I know that I have Calculator Plus, under its View Menu, set to Standard [ALT+V,T] and the secondary option for Classic View [ALT+V,L] chosen which makes it look and behave virtually precisely like the Windows calculator most of us have known and loved "since dirt."

           Just the ease of copying the result of any calculation and being able to paste it elsewhere is one of the things that keeps me with Calculator Plus.


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