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Richard Turner

Thanks for this Brian.


Note that when you run the .exe file, it is defaulting to conversion rther than simple calculations, though they work.

It also doesn’t speak but it shows up nicely on a braille display.  With Jaws you can just read the current line to get the result, pretty easy.


To change the setting, hit alt+v and I find choosing standard and/or classic works very nicely.


I obviously haven’t tested it extensively, but this is way better than the Windows 10 app with Jaws.

Unless the solution of nuking your settings that was mentioned makes the Windows 10 calculator work as advertised in the Jaws 2021 latest update….?






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I realize this does not answer your question, but it does present another option should you prefer it.  I am not a huge fan of the Win10 calculator app, preferring the more "old-school" calculator.  I archived the installer for Microsoft Calculator Plus on my Google Drive quite a while back.

It's another option, and it neither removes nor replaces the Win10 Calculator App when installed.  It's what I keep on my taskbar as the calculator of choice.

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