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Cynthia Bruce

Yes, that is also an issue. I used to be able to select delete comment in the context menu, but not anymore.


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I’m struggling with how you remove comments that are already responded to and are no longer needed.


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Sorry it took me so long to post back. It didn’t work, when I press n, it doesn’t take me anywhere. The best I seem to be able to do is to go into the revisions pane and then arrow down until I get to the comment I want to edit or reply to. This is fine when there aren’t many comments. However, it is really time consuming when I am reading and giving feedback to graduate thesis submissions.


Thanks, though, for the suggestion.




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I’m going to copy below my notes about a post from another lister, Leo, who describes his solution to this problem. I haven’t so far tried it myself. Note that although he refers to Word 2019, where he says the problem doesn’t exist, his solution appears to apply to earlier versions. If it works for you, I hope you’ll post back. Here goes:


I had problems working with office 2016. I'm now working with word 2019 and jaws 2020 and I'm able to reply to any comment. Besides, Whenever jaws comes across a footnote, it verbalizes it correctly. Footnote one, etc.

As for replying to the comments, you can try this:

First, go to the comment, whether listing the comments, (control plus shift plus semi column), or listing the virtual items, (windows key plus column).

However you do it, arrow down to find the comment you want to reply to, and hit enter.

press separately, alt , then r, then n.

Jaws now should announce that you're in the comment pain. Now bring up the context menu, and hopefully, you'll find the comments related options to reply, etc.


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Subject: JAWS and reading/responding to comments in Word


Hi All,


I am running the most current version of JAWS 2021, and I think my version of word is current and up to date. I use comments in word a lot so I can provide feedback to students and respond to comments provided by my faculty colleagues. I can access the comments in a list by pressing the windows key + ;. I can also read them in the revisions pane and by pulling up a list using alt shift ;. However, if I come to a comment in the document while reading, I can’t read what is in the comment, and I can’t reply or edit. I have searched for solutions and followed all the steps from MS word help, but I can’t sort out what is going on.


Any thoughts?


Many thanks,



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