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Richard Turner

That is not the Calibre file, it is the interface to help the accessibility with a screen reader, specifically Jaws.

You have to install Calibre from their site and then you have to tell the ebook program where the Calibre executable is located.

There is a browse button to locate Calibre in the program when you run it.

Even though I accepted all the defaults when I installed Calibre, I still had to tell the program where it was, because the program is defaulting to the wrong location.






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Hi.  I downloaded this file from Victor who offered it for our use.  However, I don't know if this is the real Calibre file as I've not installed it myself.  Give me some time to investigate.  My appologies and Cheers!

On 23/3/2021 11:39 pm, leonard morris wrote:

You said, "Hi. You can also get Calibre from my personal dropbox:"

I was able to obtain Setup_eBook-convert_GUI_x64 (1).exe and I installed it. However, when I ran the program eBook-convert GUI from the shortcut on my desktop I get the following message:

eBook-convert GUI
ebook-convert.exe not found in home folder or C:\Program
Files (x86)\Calibre2.
Please install Calibre or browse for the installation folder by
using the "Locate Calibre" button.


On 3/23/2021 1:49 AM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Jaffar & Mario,


Thank you very much.



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Hi. You can also get Calibre from my personal dropbox:

It will be available for quite some time, so take your time to
download. Cheers!


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