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Justin Williams

Is there a way to use an ear bud or to buy a splitter where I can just plug an earbud in to the splitter and have the jaws and zoom separate.  I am aware of the customer service headphones, but can we do that without having to buy the those earphones?





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Subject: Re: zoom equipment.


Hi, I just mute myself unless I need to say something. Normally when I unmute I press the control key straight away to stop Jaws from saying anything. I have been on meetings with others who have screen readers and it isn’t a big issue. The screen reader just reads out what is coming through on the Zoom window. If you want to look something up on your computer while in the meeting then make sure your muted and it will be fine. I regularly have Zoom meetings with both blind and sighted people and none of the sighted people have complained about the screen readers because it isn’t that much so is over in a second or two.


From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


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Subject: zoom equipment.


What do I have to buy in order to use jaws and zoom on my pc without people hearing jaws?

I'd like to use jaws without earphones and have people not hear jaws.










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