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James English


I am a very regular user of zoom, though for social calls rather than
podcasting and the likes. These calls last on average about 8 hours,
so I would prefer to find a way to avoid having to use headphones for
such a large period of time and have tried everything imaginable. The
issue with the space bar is that jaws does have a habit of telling you
interesting pieces of info that you are definitely interested in, like
repeated announcements that somebody has low network bandwidth and you
end up sharing that with the group. I've tried directional mics
however if I'm using my laptop at ehe same time it becomes pretty bad
for posture. I really don't think what you are asking for is possible
without the use of headphones, if it is I'd also be glad to use it.

Sorry I couldn't be of any more assistance,
- James

On 3/22/21, JM Casey <> wrote:
Oh yes, there certainly are -- most studio vocal/instrument mics are like
this. They pick up *only* what's directly in front of them, more or less (a
little bleed is usually inevitable, but with some of these cardioid mics, it
really isn't much)...
Imo it's not really ideal for every day teleconferencing/compuer use. Maybe
if you are doing semi-pro recordings; podcasts or whatever.

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Maybe there are super-directional microphones? That way you aim the mic at
yourself but the speakers simply aren't in the cone?

On 3/22/21, Van Lant, Robin via <>
If you really don't want to wear earphones, I would probably join the
meeting while muted, get everything set as I wan it, mute JAWS, ten
just hold the spacebar down when talking on the Zoom call. That seems
pretty much the only way I can think to do it without the aid of some
earbud or something.

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What do I have to buy in order to use jaws and zoom on my pc without
people hearing jaws?
I'd like to use jaws without earphones and have people not hear jaws.



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