moderated Re: changing the view of messages within Outlook

Bill White

Hi, Madison. The easiest way I know of to do this is,

1. Open the message for which you want to change the view.
2. Press F12 (function key 12) to save the message.
3. TAB to the formats in which you can save the message.
4. Choose plain text as the format in which the message will be saved.
5. Press ENTER. The message should be saved as a .txt file in Documents.

Bill White

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Sent: Monday, March 22, 2021 11:14 AM
Subject: changing the view of messages within Outlook

Hi all,
How and where do I go to check and possibly change the format that received
messages are displayed in (plain text, html etc) using Outlook? I went into
options, but all I found was to change the format that messages are sent in
which isn't what I want. I'm using the latest versions of Office 365,
Windows 10
and Jaws. Hope someone can help me!!!! Thanks

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