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paul lemm


I've used sales force in the past with jaws and not had any problems, its
worth being aware though this was probably about 3 or 4 years ago so not
sure if accessibility has changed much since then. I might be wrong but I
think companies can customise Sales force and what features there users
get , so I'm not sure if there are features we didn't use that might not be
as accessible, but what I did use seemed pretty accessible when I used it
with my last company. I believe it is accessed through the web, so a web
application. I've had normally pretty good accessibility when working with
these types of systems since you can use all the built in jaws navigation
keys to quickly get around, I always find placing jaws markers in all the
places I need to access hugely speeds my ability to navigate the software
whilst speaking with customers. hope that helps slightly.

Paul Lemm

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Is sales force accessible with JAWS?


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