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David Griffith

Just a note to those who apparently had difficulties downloading.
You may already know this but perhaps it is worth repeating.
With Google Chrome under Windows at least you will be initially blocked from downloading any file with a executable extension I find.
This will happen even if the DropBox link ends in 1 to facilitate direct download.
The solution is easy however.
Find any open Google Chrome page - it may say untitled.
Press control J to open the downloads page.
This will open a list of all your downloads.
Find the relevant download - and then cursor or tab right and the focus will be on Discard because Google will say it is a risk because it is an executable.
Tab to keep and press enter on that.
Then annoyingly Google will insist on a further warning and you have to tab to Keep anyway and press enter on that.
The download will now complete.
David G.

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Hi. You can also get Calibre from my personal dropbox:

It will be available for quite some time, so take your time to download. Cheers!

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