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The first search result I saw when I did a Google search for the exact phrase in your subject "shortcut keys for navigating a list box",  gave me the following:


#973 – Keyboard Shortcuts for a ListBox



You can use any of the following keyboard shortcuts when interacting with a ListBox at run-time (this assumes that the ListBox has keyboard focus):


Up/Down arrow keys – move to previous /next item

Page Up / Page Down – move to item on previous / next page (based on size of ListBox)

Home / End – move to first / last item in last

Enter single character – move to next item that begins with that character

Enter sequence of characters – move to next item that begins with that sequence

If the SelectionMode is Single or Extended

Moving to another item selects it (and unselects previous)

Spacebar – select the current item (if not already selected)

Ctrl + Spacebar – unselect the current item

If the SelectionMode is Multiple

Moving to another item does not select it

Spacebar toggles current item as selected/unselected

If the SelectionMode is Extended

Holding down the Shift key while moving to another item adds to selection


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Subject: shortcuts keys for navigating Listbox


Are there shortcut keys for navigating a listbox, such as going to the first or last item? Or go to the Nth item?

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