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JM Casey

I didn't quite understand what the original poster was asking. The SAPI5
voices are available for any application that knows how to use them,
including screen-readers like nVDA and Narrator. You can just download them
from microsoft.
Vocalizer voices are, as has been said, specifically tied to JFW. There
might also be SAPI versions of those though -- honestly I'm not sure; you
can certainly look around. There is Vocalier available for nVDA, at a charge
-- sounds like a pain to bother with though as people seem to have problems
with them constantly asking for registratino/authorization info.

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Not only can you not do this, the ones used by Jaws, i.e. the Vocalizer
voices are tied to Jaws.
Now, the Microsoft voices and SAPI voices may be available elsewhere.
You could do a web search for SAPI 5 voices.
Back in the day, Jim Kitchen used them for some of his self-voicing games
and there was a pack of SAPI 4 and 5 voices you could download.

But you cannot do this from the Jaws voices at all.


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You cannot

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Am I able to copy voices within JFW software? My want is to add these voices
else where.

The SAPI 5X and/or Microsoft Mobile voices are exactly the same. Does
anybody have this file of voices or can anybody tell me how to copy these
from my software so I can email these?



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