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Richard Turner

It is still there, just a bit buried.
From the main inbox, hit alt+f then I for info, tab once to the accounts combo box and arrow down to the account yu want to delete/remove.
Hit space to select it. Tab twice to Account settings and hit enter.
You should find another item that says Account Settings, hit enter again.
Now you are on the Email tab. Tab to the Remove button and hit enter.
I suspect there will be a confirmation box...
You may be able to get there faster, but I don't know how.


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Hi all,
I went to try and remove an account from Outlook, but when I went into Office accounts I couldn't find the options to add/remove accounts, any idea why these options suddenly aren't there? The only thing I saw was a button to manage account privacy settings, I didn't even see any other account settings, other then the option to change the Office account theme. Sure I've done the neccessary updates, but I certainly haven't changed anything, unless an update messed it up... Even when I made my gmail account the default there didn't appear to be an option to remove my other account which is what I want to do now. Using the latest versions of Office 365, Jaws and Windows 10. Really hope someone can help me!!!! Thanks Madison

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