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I can only agree with what Edward and Ryan have said especially if you don't have financial concerns about upgrading. Keeping Jaws up to date whether it's by subscribing to the annual plan which always allows you to run the latest version or by buying SMA's each time you run out (every two years) it absolutely worth it. There are way too many changes in Windows 10, Office (especially if you have the Microsoft 365 subscription) as well as with browsers and having the latest version of Jaws will typically give you the best experience. You can still have one or two previous versions of Jaws installed if you are concerned about issues with the latest or if you find an earlier version works better with a particular program you are using.



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Hi John,


Yes, it is important to upgrade  your JAWS and I hope you have a  an annual subscription   plan to keep  it upgraded. I do that all the time so it saves us a lot of money plus  to keep JAWS  running smoothly.


I have the most  current  version of JAWS  2021.




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Hi John,

Appreciating what you say about money not being an issue, but upgrading JAWS becomes more expensive the further away you are from current. So upgrading JAWS 2019 to the latest version will become more expensive when the new version comes out, around October as you suggest.

At some point, it would become cheaper for you to buy a new version of JAWS outright using one of the convention special offers in the summer.

If you’re in the US, you might also want to subscribe to the annual licence so that you always have the latest version.



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Hi: I'm currently using Jaws 2019 with Windows 10. Is there a great advantage to my upgrading to Jaws 2021? I use office, outlook, Acrobat reader and Google Chrome. essentially This is particularly important to me because I assume Jaws will upgrade in October of 2021. Money is not the issue. I o find jaws being a bit sluggish.

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