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I did that when I was working.
There are two ways to approach this in my opinion.
You can set a repeating appointment titled Intake to repeat weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Then, when you have a name, edit that dates appointment, and apply it to only that date and not the series.
Or, Schedule the repeating appointment the same way, but have it set as Free rather than Busy, then add a separate appointment for the person on that date and time, so you'll have two appointments at the same time, one as Intake, and one with the person's name.
Either way, it is a bit of a pain.


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On Mar 19, 2021, at 6:59 PM, Claudia <> wrote:


on my work laptop, I am using Jaws 2020, with Office 365.

I have to schedule intakes on my calendar, so here is my question.

I do intake interviews as part of my work, and they are recurring appointments but with new applicants every week but at the same time.

If I set up the appointments in the Office 365 calendar, I can't seem to view the individual names, for the respective days.

In other words, my calendar might look like this.

Intake 9 AM

Intake 10 AM.

Intake 11 AM

Intake 12 PM

But, I need these appointments to occur every week. If I set up the recurring appointment, I cannot figure out how to see the different names, from week to week, during that scheduled time slot.



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