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Have you looked into Google calendar? Might be able to export after everone has accepted.

Rod Alcidonis, Esq.
From: Tom Behler
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2021 10:53 PM
Subject: Accessible Online Calendaring System

Hello, everyone.


I realize that what I’m about to ask may be extremely elementary to some, and may even be considered to be off topic for this list.


So, in order to minimize list traffic, please reply to me directly at




Basically, my question is does anyone know of an accessible online monthly calendaring system that I can use to coordinate activities for an amateur radio organization of which I’m a Board member.


The events I coordinate occur weekly, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 noon local time, during each month of the year.


Right now, as I develop my monthly calendar, I put the calendar in a Microsoft word document format, and e-mail it out to those who need to respond.  They then e-mail me back, telling me which dates they can take for a given event.  After receiveing everyone’s information, I then update my calendar, and send the updated document out to all concerned.


While this actually has worked quite well, I’m thinking more and more that it would be nice to do something like this online, so that people could sign up for their preferred dates, and the most current information could be available to everyone.


I took a look at signup genius,


but that app seems like much more than what I need, and appears to have basic accessibility issues with Jaws.


I’m looking for something relatively simple that could be completed online, and that then could be saved in a text or .doc format, after which I could emboss the final monthly calendar in Braille.


I’m using Windows 10 here with the latest version of Jaws 2021.  I also have Microsoft 365, which I know has a calendaring function.


Thanks for any suggestions.


Tom Behler


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