moderated Re: Problem that I'm experiencing with outlook, and a Microsoft message.

Udo Egner-Walter

Am 18.03.2021 um 01:21 schrieb Albert Cutolo <Albertc51@...>:

Good evening everyone, 


Is there any way that I can just only  hear the email windows  notification sound,  instead of hearing a message that says,  which jaws reads  when I’m reading a message. It seems to over ride or appears on top of the message that I’m reading, and I have too hit the escape key, and then go back into the message that I was reading. This also happens when I’m on a zoom meeting call, and I have too hit the escape key to keep it from interrupting me when I’m listening too what the other callers are saying.


Thanks’ in      advance, for any help suggestions and advice regarding this issue, 



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