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This may explain it, I thought he was using an older version of Outlook and not Outlook Express with Windows XP from 168 years ago. For all we know he may have had everybody's initials entered as some sort of nick name or maybe it really worked this way, but it does not in Outlook. It is of course a mute point because typing one or two letters of either the first name or last name usually works just fine.

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Brian, I understand what you're saying, but he explained to me that's what he could do when he was using Outlook Express when Windows XP was the latest OS. but like you, I was skeptical.

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he simply wants to type the first and last name initials of that person.

And I'll repeat:  He can't, and he should get exactly what he's getting.  It's been this way for as long as I can remember.  I gave a detailed explanation of how the system actually works.

I have no idea why he believes you can (or could, I've used Outlook at various points in time since the mid-1980s) do this.  You enter the characters of the person's name or e-mail address, never their first and last initials.


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