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It really seems more of a mobile device solution to me, I guess on a Windows PC you could use a barcode reader, an external scanner for OCR and some sort of camera for things like currency etc., but I honestly don't think I would ever want to use it, I don't think, for example, I'd like to drag my laptop around if I wanted to use the Light Detector channel and I'd much rather hold my iPhone up to a document I want to use the short text channel on than to try and hold the document up to some camera.


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Seeing AI is not on Android because Microsoft has chosen not to make it for Android.

I am not sure why they have not made it for Windows.  That would be a good question for seeingai@...






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I wonder why app like seeing AI is not available on android. And I think is not available on windows too.


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Yes, available through Microsoft store.  Simple installation and uses Microsoft voices.

The other mobile apps you mention are good especially Seeing AI.




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I didn't know that there was KNFB for windows.

I'd pay 10 for it, but not a hundred, as was mentioned, when there are good IOS apps.


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K-NFB Reader for Windows is reliable.  While not as flexible in terms of different ways to scan I find the K-NFB reader very good and a lot more updated than OpenBook.

Openbook has not been updated in years and I suspect that Freedom will abandon the product as JAWS and other apps, Seeing AI, continue to do well with scanning and OCR.




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Other than openbook nine,  what are some ways to scan print documents and read them?


I do have a pearl scanner.


I have windows 10 and jaws 2019.





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