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You know, I thought that worked at first, but from an open Outlook email message and after shift tabbing to the to button and pressing spacebar on that to end up in the address book search field and typing a few letters of someone’s name and arrowing down to the results, it seems that the more column checkbox is the one that is selected. I still have to do shift tab to make sure the name checkbox is the one that is selected to then tab back down to get the proper results.

If I pull up the address book independently with the shift+control+b command, it looks like the name checkbox thing sticks, but not so at least for me if accessing the address book from an open email message.

Any ideas?

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On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 04:43 PM, CathyAnne Murtha wrote:

In the Address Book options, make sure the "Start with Contacts folder" radio button is selected. Address Book options are in the Tools menu.

Whether the Start with Global Address List or Start with Contacts Folder is chosen is independent of whether the radio button for Name Only or More Columns sticks as my choice between runs of Outlook.  I agree that Start with Contracts Folder is the best option for anyone using Outlook where they're not on an Exchange Server that actually has a Global Address List.

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