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Albert Cutolo

Good morning Mario,

Perhaps he might do well if he were too call the Microsoft disability answer desk, where they could do a remote screen sharing session with him to see what's going on with his outlook problem. Here's there phone number. 800 (936-5900)

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I am thinking there is some setting that would allow him to do that, that might have been somehow been disabled because all he gets is a ding sound when he attempts to type CF, as he mentioned in his example. so, still would appreciate a suggestion or better yet, the solution.

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Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 2:58 PM
Subject: adding Outlook contacts
If you just add the contact and send an Email, after that you will be able to type the first couple of letters, etc. I am not sure you even have to make the person a contact to do this.

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Mario wrote:

regarding , this is what he told me he wants to do:

"I put the email address in the list.
now I am going to send them a email but I don't want to spell the hole name.
I can just put the first to letters of the name or what numbers or letters.
I do this with chris, I am sending her a email. all I punch in cf (her first and last name initials) and her email comes up and I do this with a lot of people that I email a lot I hope that makes sense."

the verbage between the parentheses is my comment because I know who the Chris he mentioned is. I don't know how what he is asking can be accomplished. anyone have a clue?

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Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 11:54 AM
Subject: adding Outlook contacts
a friend of mine is using Outlook 2016 with JAWS 2021 on Windows 10, and wants to know the keystrokes for adding a new contact to his list, and "also putting a short cut key for the name I am adding".

I don't know what he is talking about in reference to his latter request. nor do I know the answer to his former request since I don't use Outlook. would someone please help.



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