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Takas, could you send your issue as a new post with a different subject? I think you might have a better chance of someone addressing your issue if it is posted as the start of a new thread/discussion.

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Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 11:22 AM
Subject: adding Outlook contacts
Hi all,

As of fairly recently, to a span of months, I have noticed a capricious
behaviour, by which outlook, for no apparent reason, seems to be
crossing out addresses it should and used to store to the effect that I
have to ask these people send a fresh message. Is this something others
have experienced, or is it just me?

to all,


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*Subject:* Re: adding Outlook contacts


         You are entirely correct that Outlook and most email clients
will "remember" anyone you've either received and email from or sent an
email to as far as presenting potential addressees as you type in
addition to those you may have stored as contacts.

          I only store contacts for people I know I will likely need to
contact via some means other than email or if it's someone I contact so
seldom that I may not recognize their email address and need to look
that up via a contact.

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