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Richard Turner

As someone who has used Openbook since before it had that name, and was on the beta team for years, I'm pretty sure Openbook is dead, and they will just focus on Jaws Convenient OCR. 
I got KNFB reader for Windows when it was $10, and I guess I should revisit it. But, I would not go out and spend $100 for it when Jaws built in OCR is available, or Voice Dream Scanner, or Seeing AI.
Then there is SuperSense, which when on sale for half price, $49, could be worth it especially if they can do columns, which they are working on.
Of course, other than Jaws OCR and KNFB for Windows, these are all iPhone and Android apps.


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K-NFB Reader for Windows is reliable.  While not as flexible in terms of different ways to scan I find the K-NFB reader very good and a lot more updated than OpenBook.

Openbook has not been updated in years and I suspect that Freedom will abandon the product as JAWS and other apps, Seeing AI, continue to do well with scanning and OCR.




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Other than openbook nine,  what are some ways to scan print documents and read them?


I do have a pearl scanner.


I have windows 10 and jaws 2019.





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