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Vaughn Brown

For quizzes and assignment comments you want to use the headings for getting to the questions, E to jump edit for typing in the answers, and F or X for the boxes.


I usually rely on headings and arrows keys for reading the quizzes. Sorry you are having so much trouble.


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Sent: Monday, March 15, 2021 5:44 PM
Subject: Re: Navigating canvas with Jaws


I am afraid I completely disagree that canvas is totally accessible.

Parts are accessible and others are certainly not with a screenreader.

I have not time to go into details now but I was only recently discussing the problems not just for students but with a blind lectururer  who was also experiencing similar problems to me on his interface.


The disappointing thing is the way that Canvas  have been completely unresponsive to the specific feedback  I have offered on particular  problems.

Basically accessing and downloading course material is pretty OK but the accessibility of quizzes and feedback forms is sporadic at best, depending on how they are laid out. On some pages it is impossible to access any edit boxes to type anything in. Other quizzes have check boxes to respond to but NVDA and Jaws are unable to read the questions  associated. 

The calendar seems an accessibility mess and I have never managed to make any sense of it.

David G.



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From: James Malone
Sent: 14 March 2021 18:56
Subject: Navigating canvas with Jaws


Hello all, this question is for anyone but particularly  Debra Armstrong. I have a student that is attending courses at a community college. I was listening to the open line  cast that was made back in February. Debra, you say that Canvas is totally accessible with Jaws. Can you please email me off list on ways to help my client navigate the pages?

I was told that certain web browsers didn’t work with Canvas, and particularly Google Chrome. Here’s the link.

Yet, when I went to this link and used Internet explorer, I found that Canvas would not open in Internet Explorer.

When trying to navigate within Chrome, we found that for example when trying to read a message the message preview would come up, but the message body would not read the completed message. My client is using Jaws 21, the latest build. If there is any keystrokes to help read within Canvas, I would like to know what they are so I can give her some assistants before her classes starts on Tuesday.

Feel free to email me at malone_j@....

Best: James


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