moderated Re: Am I in forms mode?

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Anita, 

to change the setting, either hearing sounds or let JAWS speak forms mode, you can do this steps: 

  • Press JAWS+6 to open Settings Manager
  • type the word "sound"
  • Use cursor down key till you hear "Enable Sound Notifications"
  • Press space key to check or uncheck this setting 
  • Leave the dialog by pressing OK button 

Hope this helps, good luck 

Am 11.03.2021 um 14:03 schrieb Anita <braille775@...>:

How does one modify settings for Forms Node? I am still new to Jfw.

On Feb 28, 2021, at 11:21 PM, Laura Shumate <snowflake122188@...> wrote:

Hi there,
If you go into Forms Mode and then hit escape it will say forms mode
off and then If the Auto Forms Mode setting is set, you will hear the
Tones if your setting for the speech Dpesm't say it is on or off the
tones do help.
Laura Shumate

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