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Thanks Brian. Luckily for me, my laptop presented the same way as Robert’s so it was easy to disable the touchpad. I just thought there was a shortcut key for it like Toshiba did.


I can live without it though.







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On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 11:21 AM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:

I pressed Windows key, typed “touchpad” (all one word) in the search and it came right up.

This part should be true for any laptop user.  But what happens afterward is directly dependent on the actual touchpad hardware you have and what part of its driver has a direct interface with Windows.

In the case of my HP laptop, when you do that search, the only option that shows up in Windows 10 Touchpad Settings (which is in the Devices dialog) is for touch sensitivity.  And if you choose Precision Touchpad Settings from that search it opens precisely the same Touchpad dialog.  The only way to get to the "under the hood" touchpad settings on this machine is either using the Additional Settings link in that particular pane or using another method to invoke the Synaptics detailed mouse settings dialog.

And my checkbox for Disable internal pointing device when an external USB pointing device is attached is part of the Device Settings tab in the detailed mouse settings dialog.

Given the number of different models of both computers and mousepad hardware out there, dealing with these settings is very much dependent on the exact hardware.

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